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Still unsure about the Aquadisia Network? Watch our full length 5-minute explanatory video.
Using advanced aquaculture technology, networked farms have been designed to harvest the bioengineered Mollusca Ostreidae. The farms are strategically located near municipal water sources. This enables a direct pipeline of the special juice into public drinking water reservoirs for ease of distribution. Experiencing Aquadisia is as simple as turning on your faucet!

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Research and development is ongoing in the Aquadisia Lounge.
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Bioengineered Mollusca Ostreidaeare harvested in tank.
Juice is sipped through tube network.
In our labs, a new breed of the Mollusca Ostreidae is being bioengineered that will enable humans to experience a new level of awakening, a more-than-human global entanglement
We call it Aquadisia - a Sentience 2.0
sentience 2.0
On further investigation scientists are discovering that D-Aspartate is capable of producing a broader range of transformations in the human body beyond the libidinal.
Scientists have determined this is triggered by the amino acid D-Aspartate produced in the Mollusca Ostreidae.
But one untapped natural resource is now being put to use. When consumed, the organism is able to activate what is known as aphrodisia in humans and possibly other species. In aphrodisia, libidinal and erotic energies of the body and mind are awakened.
Eat The Oyster
Shell > Calcium Carbonate

Its outer shell can be used to create protective sea walls.
Gills > Natural Filtering System

This magical creature can filter up to 50 gallons of water per day.
3oz Serving = 8g Protein

Rich in proteins, it has been a vital food source for thousands of years.
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Key to Sentience 2.0 is the Mollusca Ostreidae,
more commonly known as the oyster.
We are all sentient beings. Our physical bodies and our consciousness work together to experience all the external stimuli of the environment around us. These sensations and perceptions determine how we act upon the world. But this level of sentience hasn’t solved our environmental problem.
We, as humans, are just one pattern among many patterns continually moving in time and space. Our rhythms and metabolic cycles are entangled with all species and living systems. Even the smallest response – has great impact.
Sentience 2.0 takes sentience to the next level to create a more-than-human interconnected system of sustainable life.
Do you want to cure climate changebut can’t find the right solution? That’s because you’ve been looking out there, when the solution is right here! It’s called Aquadisia – a new awakened state of multi-species entanglement. It brings humans back into balance with nature by simply drinking a glass of water per day. Want to know more?
Curing Climate Change
with Sentience 2.0
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